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Thursday, September 15, 2016
575 Suzette
Memphis | TN | 38126

Friday, August 26, 2016

Art for Jobs 2016: Julie Latcham

Julie Latcham | Mürren, Switzerland | 30 x 20 | $90
giclée print on archival fine art paper 

Julie Latcham | Cinque Terre, Italy | 30 x 20 | $90
giclée print on archival fine art paper

Art for Jobs 2016: JE Gillentine

JE Gillentine | April Showers | 16x20 | $150

JE Gillentine | Auspicious Day | 12 x 12 | $50

JE Gillentine | Auspicious Day | 12 x 12 | $50

JE Gillentine | Evening Tide | 16 x 20 | $150

JE Gillentine | Evening Tide | 16 x 20 | $150

JE Gillentine | Kaleidoscope II | 9 x 12 | $50

JE Gillentine | Kaleidoscope II | 9 x 12 | $50

JE Gillentine | Kaleidoscope III | 9 x 12 | $50

JE Gillentine | Kaleidoscope III | 9 x 12 | $50

JE Gillentine | Midsummer Day Dreams | 36x26 | $500

JE Gillentine | Midsummer Daydreams | 36x26 | $500

JE Gillentine | Persephone | 12 X 12 | $60

JE Gillentine | Persephone | 12 X 12 | $60

JE Gillentine | Secret Message | 14 x 18 | $125

JE Gillentine | Secret Message | 14 x 18 | $125

JE Gillentine | Spring Jubilee | 12 x 16 | $80

JE Gillentine | Spring Jubilee | 12 x 16 | $80

JE Gillentine | Through the Window | 12 x 16 | $80

JE Gillentine | Through the Window | 12 x 16 | $80

Art for Jobs 2016: Rachel Rieves

Rachel Rieves | Angels of Mercy | 10x10 | $75

Rachel Rieves | Angels of Mercy | 10x10 | $75

Rachel Rieves | Blooming Days | 13x18 | $100

Rachel Rieves | Blooming Days | 13x18 | $100

Rachel Rieves | Bubble Gum & Mint | 13x12 | $130

Rachel Rieves | Bubble Gum & Mint | 13x12 | $130

Rachel Rieves | Desert Sands | 20x20 | $200

Rachel Rieves | Desert Sands | 20x20 | $200

Rachel Rieves | Growing in Blue | 15x15 | $160

Rachel Rieves | Growing in Blue | 15x15 | $160

Rachel Rieves | Happy Day | 12x12 | $100

Rachel Rieves | Happy Day | 12x12 | $100

Rachel Rieves | Harvest Rain | 11x13 | $130

Rachel Rieves | Harvest Rain | 11x13 | $130

Rachel Rieves | Rolling in Snow | 17x24 | $250

Rachel Rieves | Rolling in Snow | 17x24 | $250

Rachel Rieves | Summers Symphony | 16x 20 | $200

Rachel Rieves | Summers Symphony | 16x 20 | $200

Rachel Rieves | Sweet Pea | 16x20 | $200

Rachel Rieves | Sweet Pea | 16x20 | $200

Rachel Rieves | Those Memphis Blues | 24x36 | $350

Rachel Rieves | Those Memphis Blues | 24x36 | $350

Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 Artist: Terry Lynn

Terry Lynn | Reverie | acrylic on canvas | 11x14
available in the auction room of Art for Jobs

"I, Terry Lynn, was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in Arlington. I began showing my paintings at Gestine Art Gallery on Beale Street. I enrolled in architectural technology before studying for a BFA at the University of Memphis, where I received a BFA. I collaborate on art with my twin brother Jerry under the signature "Twin." My twin and I have shown in many solo and group exhibitions and have been collected worldwide. 

I have used sculpture, painting, and installations to explore the complexity between art and life. I'm interested in land, figure, place, and time. Art is life and life is art. My art challenges traditional beliefs through artistic choices. 

I honed my labor extensive approach as a teenager while working as a laborer with my brick mason grandfather. I developed a painterly stroke from working with my father painting and remodeling homes. I learned the value of hard work and a work ethic at a very young age. I spent hours practicing and improving my craft. I remember listening to families stories of how things used to be. Inspired by those narratives and personal revelations, I create work that evokes and challenges the viewers' memories and emotional response."

Learn more about the art of Terry Lynn, his brother Jerry Lynn, and their collaborative work under "Twin" on their site. The above piece will be available in the Auction Room of Art for Jobs. 

2013 Art for Jobs Partner: Front Porch Art

For 2013, Art for Jobs has partnered with local business Front Porch Art, led by Caitlin Horton. Front Porch Art is a laid-back online art market (with events and showings as well) that helps artists share their passion with the world and makes art accessible to everyone. The mission of Front Porch Art is to build a community of artists and art enthusiasts who want to learn about each other and support the endeavor of making art. 

Front Porch Art recently hosted "Art for Squares," an opportunity for artists to create pieces on the theme "Summer in the South." with one size and one price. Pictured below are two pieces created by Front Porch artist John Sperry that will be available at Art for Jobs. 

Tendin' the Garden | Family Reunion
Both by Front Porch Artist John Sperry

Page through this blog and you'll see several Front Porch Art artists, and there are many more. Visit their site to learn more about each of these artists from across the South and to, perhaps, purchase a great piece of your own. Caitlin Horton, Rebecca Phillips, and Dorothy Collier will be at Art for Jobs this Thursday, so please take a minute to learn more about their work. You'll be glad you did. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013 Artist: Judy Vandergrift

White Clapboard 

Judy has been an artist her entire life--from sketching and painting classes as a small child, to high school art classes and private lessons. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Memphis in 1976. She runs a mural and faux finish business, but her true passion is painting. Her work reflects many different styles, from post impressionistic to three dimensional abstract color studies. She also paints land and seascapes and they too are done in the 3 dimensional colorful style.

Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Artist: Billy Moore of Front Porch Art

Summertime and baseball. They fit perfectly together, like this paired set. 
Approx. 12" x 7.5" when hung together. This painting was created exclusively for the Art for Squares line, which provides one size, one price, and one theme art by different artists.

Billy Moore says of his work: "With my art there are no rules. The sky does not have to be blue and the grass does not have to be green. I have no formal art training, and all of the images come from my life experiences or imagination. I use bold colors to create paintings that represent life in the South. My materials are all around me--house paints, acrylics, windowns, tin, wood, bottle caps, and whatever else I can find. Making art is like breathing for me. It is my passion. I hope you enjoy my paintings." 

See more of Billy Moore's work, and other artists, at 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Artist: Rebecca Phillips of Front Porch Art

Set of Memphis Type Illustrated prints
These two posters feature the entire Memphis Type Illustrated series with series icon and date.

"If Wes Anderson were to sit at an easel and translate his cinematic eye into paintings, it is quite likely the result would be uncannily similar to many of the works of Rebecca Phillips. For this 30-year-old Freeport, Texas native, art isn't just a an avenue of self-expression or a method of portraying the world as she sees it, but a melding of those things filtered through a lens of unique stylization. One look at the cartoonish photorealism she achieves should be proof enough of that...[she] considers herself a documentarian of sorts, capturing on her canvas a moment or location in time. Preservation for posterity's sake, a goal no doubt amplified by the arrival of her daughter, Edie."
--Stewart Smith, Arts and Entertainment editor, Tyler Morning Telegraph

Rebecca is represented by Front Porch Art. Work can be purchased on their site:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2013 Artist: Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press

poetry broadsides, various sizes, poets: Galway Kinnell, Shakespeare, Lucille Clifton

Friedrich Kerksieck studied letterpress printing, design, fine binding and papermaking at the University of Alabama, receiving the MFA in Book Arts. While studying, he started Small Fires Press, which moved to Memphis from Alabama in 2009. After arriving in Memphis, Friedrich began collecting press equipment, including a Vandercook printing press, allowing the business to expand the fine press catalog as well as offer letterpress services to individual clients, designers, and companies. Learn more about Small Fires Press here

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Artist: Lacey Craig

Flowers for Jobs, Acrylic on Canvas

This little 7" x 7" gem just came in from local artist Lacey Craig. Lacey works for the A Way Out program in Memphis and is passionate about seeing the lives of women who have been exploited and abused in prostitution restored through Jesus Christ. Lacey is an appreciator of art in many forms, and in her spare time loves to paint bright, cheerful, whimsical floral arrangements and landscapes. The more bright colors, the merrier. We're grateful for Lacey's contribution to Art for Jobs. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 Artist: Terry Canale

Dr. S. Terrance "Terry" Canale has been an orthopaedic surgeon for over 30 years and served as professor and chairman of the University of Tennessee Campbell Clinic's department of orthopaedic surgery in Memphis. He says that throughout his practice, he has drawn operation procedures and orthopaedic conditions on the examining table sheets as a "convenient and memorable way to explain things to my patients." Eventually he tried his hand at painting, which he says gave him "a new perspective on things that went unnoticed when I was so busy 'doing' instead of 'seeing.'"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Artists: Rachel Lockridge

Sears Crosstown / Linoleum Print

Rachel Lockridge studied Art Education and painting at the University of Kansas. Rachel lives with her family in Memphis and paints in her home studio. Check out more of her art at Click on "Gallery" to see more.

Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 Artist: Sheryl Hibbs

Winter Thaw

Sheryl Hibbs is a professional artist and gallery owner. Her work is on display at her gallery, Artrearch Gallery in Germantown, Tennessee and in Midtown Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a degree from Florida State University in Interior Design. She has had her own business as a faux finisher and muralist for years but now enjoys her studio and gallery. Though largely a traditional oil painter, she has branched out to work on abstracts as well. Her abstracts are a layering process using acrylic as a base and glazings of oil paint.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Artist: Lisa Bertagna

Art like this (from Memphis photographer Lisa Bertagna) helps great guys like this (JeMarcus Allen, on the right) get job readiness training and go to work. JeMarcus did such a good job in his temporary position at KM Logisctics that he was just made a full time, permanent employee. 

Lisa shares: "I am an artist living, working and playing mostly in Memphis, TN, with family roots from Lucca, Italy. I love photography, traveling, painting, and creatively working with light to capture the magic of life's rhythms."

Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Artist: Chris Florez

Balance the Head and Heart, wax and stain on wood, 8 3/4" x 8 3/4"

Chris Florez is the Manager of Digital Learning for Aspire Public Schools. Since 2006, he has exhibited, sold, and donated artwork in Seattle, Washington. A Memphian as of 2012, Chris is excited to be a part of our thriving community of artists. Utilizing re-purposed materials for his projects, Chris's contributions to Art for Jobs 2013 were created using wax, stain, and wood salvaged from a demolished cabinet placed outside his neighbor's Midtown home.

Monday, August 5, 2013

...They Make It More Visible

"Poets, painters and preachers don't make God's beauty more beautiful...they make it more visible." Piper
Photo by Gretchen Shaw, an Art for Jobs featured artist.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Front Porch Art Hosts Art for Squares

Join Art for Jobs partner Front Porch Art for a Trolley Night event: Art for Squares. Go to for more info, but make plans now to head down to South Main this Friday night to see this show at Klein Fitness. All the event info is available on Facebook

Friday, July 5, 2013


In our third year of hosting Art for Jobs, we look forward to again gathering over 50 locally and nationally known artists and 250 art lovers to celebrate and support our neighbors in 38126 who are working toward financial independence. Sponsors, volunteers, patrons, and our outstanding alumni have all come together in the past 2 years to make this event a great experience for all involved. We've got some surprises planned for this year--join us for the fun!

To be a part of Art for Jobs and all of the things our graduates are accomplishing, please below and get involved!
  • ARTISTS make this possible! To donate art or recommend an artist, contact 
  • SPONSORS can support Art for Jobs and Advance Memphis by contacting 
  • VOLUNTEERS! Contact to be our heroes by taking on shifts before, during, or after the event. 
  • PATRONS make the difference! To see the art as it comes in, follow this blog! 
Any further questions? Contact 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trolley Night 2013

Join us on April 26th from 6pm to 9pm for Trolley Night at the Downtown Church offices, 502 South Main. Pieces from the Art for Jobs show will be available at discounted prices. All proceeds benefit the work at Advance Memphis. Contact for more information. Below is a sample of the work that will be available; you may arrange to see these pieces before the show if you're interested. 

Stefanie Smith-Fisher
Think it Over / acrylic on gesso board / $50

Jane Bellows
Equivalence II / 24 x 24 / $100
Printed on canvas, donated by New Era Portfolio 

Christina Lucas
Starkville, Mississippi
Planting Seeds / 24 x 24 / $175

Emory Franklin
Memphis, Tennessee
Red Velvet / $1000

Hunter Fleming
"...false questions will assure (by her works)...
mixed media / 31 x 22.5 / $500

Meagan Jackson
Digital Photo: New Orleans, LA

Maria Parham
Grace / acrylic, watercolor, mixed media / $350

Katie Robinson
abstract with blue/brown on linen / $300

Debbie Tashie
 abstract / 24 x 36 / $175

Wayne Adams
Brooklyn, New York
untitled / acrylic / 14 x 11 / $200

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Artist: Rachel Lockridge

Rachel Lockridge studied Art Education and Painting at the University of Kansas. Rachel lives in midtown Memphis with her family and works mainly in inks, watercolor, and oil paints. Her subject matter revolves mainly around the natural world, but is very eclectic in nature because she works almost exclusively by commission--desiring to create meaningful art for individuals to enjoy in their homes.